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Improve Your Water Quality

Buy a whole-house water conditioner from Aerus of Savannah, GA

Do you have hard water? Do you want to get rid of water contaminants? Aerus of Savannah, GA can help. We sell whole-house water conditioners and water filtration systems to homeowners and business owners in our community. Our products can get rid of things like mineral buildup, arsenic, lead and harmful chemicals.

Get better water for your home or business. Call 912-358-0909 now to purchase a whole-house water conditioner or filtration system from Aerus.

Our products

Aerus carries a variety of high-end products that use innovative space technology.

Our air purification products include:

  • Beyond Guardian Air
  • Aerus Pure & Clean
  • Guardian Angel
  • Hydroxyl Blaster
  • AP500
  • Pure Cloud
  • Sanctuairy Mini
  • Sanctuairy Mini EM
  • Beyond by Aerus Guardian Heater
  • Guardian Air Home
  • Pet ReFresh

Our floor care products include:

  • Lux canister vacuum cleaners
  • Lux upright vacuum cleaners
  • CentraLux
  • Lux Floor Pro Shampooer

We also carry water conditioners and cold-water laundry systems. If you need a vacuum cleaner, air purifier or water conditioner, place an order with us today.

Providing business solutions to clients

To keep your employees and customers safe and healthy, you need a top-notch air purification system. Aerus provides business solutions, including air purifiers, to clients in Brunswick, Macon and Savannah, GA as well as Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, FL . The ActivePure technology we sell can destroy up to 99% of contaminants in the air and on surfaces. Contact us today to get more information.